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Kong Indy
A new descender with double autolocking
 anti-panic, particularly suited for works at a height and for emergency self evacuation
It blocks when let go (in case of illness or fainting) and when you press on the handle you may slow down your speed until stop (the more you press the more you brake).

To start the descent

Press strongly on the handle, and then release slowly until you find your better descending speed (exactly what you will do with a bike brake).
If you release the handle beyond the its half way, the descender blocks.

How to insert the rope

Following pictures show the correct way.
Remember: to minimize the short slippage that happens from fully released position to fully pressed position, it is advisable to hold the free rope with the other hand and pull down.
Keeping the position

When you need to keep your working position for long time, it is advisable to block yourself
with a safety loop.
Dropping operation

The descender may be used for lowering heavy loads or persons, with the aid of a connector
and a braking loop
Weight: g 470
Load: kN 22
Rope diameter: mm 10.5-11 - EN 341 Class A
mm 10-13 - EN 12841 Type C

Should NOT be a journey to the grave with
 the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and
 well-preserved body,
but rather to  skid in sideways, a coke in one hand,
 a moonpie in the other, body thoroughly used up,
totally worn out and screaming
" WOOHOO---------- WHAT A RIDE!!"
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